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Mike Allen's Blog

Get more from your Data, Software, and Technology, with less effort. 

I focus on using providing smart and effective IT solutions for business needs. This is my personal blog, find out more about the BI  services I provide at  Paradigm BI. I create videos to help people find out about Active Business Intelligence, check out my  Paradigm BI YouTube. I blog about Active Business Intelligence on Medium.

Here I blog about more technical things that I'm doing and things that interest me personally, if I'm doing a task and something interesting happens, I'll write about it. This blog has become more focussed on DAX and Power Query lately and you'll find a lot about data here. Data is always referenced by process and I prefer to talk about information, as a more inclusive concept.

My role is about helping people achieve their objectives using modern technology and BI. Particularly using Power BI, find out more at Paradigm BI Services