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Get more from your Data, Software, and Technology, with less effort. 

I focus on using intelligent analysis to provide smart and effective IT solutions for business needs. This is my blog, find out more about the services I provide at  Mike Allen Systems. I create videos to help people using BI features of Excel and PowerBI, check out my  You Tube Channel

I blog about things that I'm doing and things that interest me, if I'm doing a task and something interesting happens, I'll write about it. I'm sometimes referred to as a Data Analyst and you'll find a lot about data here, but data is referenced by process and I prefer to talk about information, as a more inclusive concept.

As a small business I like to think that my role is more about helping people achieve their objectives using modern technology, while the larger consultancies are about helping larger businesses do much the same. It's a question of scale, and I do prefer working with people rather than corporations.