Mike Allen Systems

Doing Smarter Things With IT

Doing Smarter Things With IT

My business focuses on providing smart and effective IT solutions for your business needs.

I provide services in these areas:

  • Business Intelligence using Power BI and the Microsoft BI stack
  • Data Services including data modelling and extract, transform and load (ETL)
  • Business Analysis to improve the efficiency of your IT processes
  • Business Services, including assistance with MS Access and Excel applications
  • Instructional videos for your business process

I provide services to businesses of all sizes, so please feel free to get in touch if you need obligation free advice or a quote.

Business Intelligence
Power BI is the new power in the world of BI. It has rapidly gained ground on other BI products, particularly to current Excel users. The Desktop Application is free, find out more at my Power BI web site
Data Services
As businesses progress and migrate to new systems, one of the continuing issues is the preservation and migration of valuable data between systems. Fortunately this issue can be managed with a little preparation and some 'Data Wrangling'. Data Analysis will also help you to understand you data and how it can be used to help build you business.
Business Analysis
At the heart of good business analysis is listening and understanding the customers business needs, this is one of my key skills. There is never a magic bullet, but there are often low hanging fruit. Planning and prioritizing remedial actions to improve your IT systems is the next important step, followed by the execution of the plan.
Business Services
Every business accumulates their share of old spreadsheets, databases and document templates. These legacy items often have use and provenance and need to be retained and updated. I can help you sort these problems out and streamline your office automation.
Instructional Videos
I initially started creating videos to help clients using advanced features of Excel, I have a You Tube Channel that has some of these  videos on the subject of Excel and Power BI . Videos can be an excellent way of recording and teaching correct business procedures, so that instruction can be easily provided to staff. Videos are a lot quicker to produce than written documentation, have a chat to me, I'm looking for a challenge here!