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Educational Videos

My YouTube Channel , Simple 'How To' training videos for Excel and PowerBI on BI topics. The 'Make and Excel Pivot Table from CSV' is very popular :-)

The Bell and Whistle DataSet

The very popular CSV file vTransaction.csv a flat view of some 3,300 Transactions. A view of the initial data

An Access Database BellAndWhistle_V1.2, an updated verion

The Latest and Greatest BellAndWhistle_V2.0 Acess database with some 50,000 transactions. See Bell and Whistle bigger and better for more details

For those with Excel Pro, here's a workbook with a data model and some DAX measures Bell and Whistle V2.0 Excel

The Project 21 Methodology

Looking for a lighweight methodology here's Project 21 a work in progress

Queensland Electoral Map

Another Work in Progress Two Candidate Results Queensland, using a Google Fusion Table

Feng Shui

I've had a long association with Feng Shui Shopper , most recently creating a new website using NopCommerce hosted on Azure. My favourite is our FaceBook horoscope app Feng Shui Horoscope . I designed and wrote this App. Marina Lighthouse from Feng Shui Shopper supplies the horoscopes.